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Fairy Tales: Why the Glass Slipper Fits More than One Foot

Cinderella came out this week: in anticipation of this, there has been a pitched war between the bloggers and movie critics who say it represents a dangerous return to 1950s assumptions about womanhood and female desirability or that it’s a refreshingly straightforward reminder … Continue reading

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What Shakespeare and Screenwriters Have in Common

Question #2 in the Tea Party Question List: How does Shakespeare’s drawing on his “fairy tales” (i.e. Hamlet) compare to the modern synthesis of fairytales into popular entertainment? This is a difficult question to answer, mostly because of how little information … Continue reading

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How Alice Became a Fairy Tale. Sort of.

  In these posts we will be doing our best to provide a preliminary answer to some of the questions asked at last week’s Mad Hatter Tea Party. Please note that these answers are not intended to be exhaustive: rather, … Continue reading

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